Umm, what?

Remember that post I just made about how birth control is a bitch? (And thankyou so much for everyone’s answers, investigating some of the options now).

Well it looks like I just started my period at least a whole week early. Like what the hell? Totally unfair and uncalled for . Just grrrr.

This may though explain why I’ve been so emotional all week…


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spinninglovestory said: oooh teach me the roll. ive wanted to learn for ages, i notice you use your arms which is probably where i was going wrong, jumping to using no arms straight away is probably a bit stupid!!

I’ll show you tomorrow if you’re still up for coming to play?

spinninglovestory aerial hoop

yoga-granola said: What’s her name? I always Like to know people’s pets names :)

She’s called Dave - my partner named her way before I moved in, people are often confused by her name and gender!

Okay, personal post coming up - skip this if you’re only interested in my aerial posts!

Contraception - my consensus at the moment is that it’s a bitch. I’ve been on the pill for ages but even though the pill I’m on at the moment is a lot better than ones I’ve been on, I still feel like it makes me overly hormonal at certain times and has other side effects that make me just not very happy with it.

I’ve been looking at other kinds of contraception on offer but it seems like they’re either painful to get put in, have unpleasant side effects or affect your fertility in the future (looking at you Depo shot).

I’ve just been looking into the patch, which would be great in that I’d have to think about it less often, but I worry that it may have the same side effects as the pill as its still a hormonal method of birth control.

I wonder if any of my followers could be incredibly helpful and tell me what birth control they’re using if they’re happy with it, and what the side effects are like if any, particularly if anyone uses the patch? Obviously not all bodies react the same but I could really use some personal experiences rather than just medical text right now.

Feel free to send me asks (anon or not) or just reply to this post.

Thankyouuuuuuuu to anyone who helps me out here x

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Aerial hoop handstand drop to front balance and backwards barrel roll. I’m really chuffed with this combo - and I managed to do it with a monkey roll and mill wheel on the end aswell, though unfortunately didn’t get it on film.

Loving the dynamic moves on the hoop :)

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