I’ve just discovered I’m getting nearly £1500 less maintenance loan this year at uni which is going to make living expenses really really tight and that’s not even taking into account pole/aerial classes and train tickets to see my partner.

It feels like Durham is doing it’s best to monumentally fuck me over this year and just thinking about going back is now stressing me out more than ever before. I feel like crying. Just Fuck.

Durham university Durham uni student finance fucking fucking fuck

To any of my followers who reply to my posts or reblog with a comment - I just want to say that you are my favourite people and it actually makes my day reading the things you say about my hoop/pole/aerial shenanigans :)

aerial hoop pole dancing aerialist aerial arts

Indigo - Aerialist

One of my goals for this upcoming year is to start doing more performance work, especially with aerial hoop, both in Durham with Ruby Tuesday Entertainment who I’m represented by, and back in the South when I finish at uni.

To help with that I’d love it if people could like my new facebook page, as it’ll help me market myself to potential clients and generally spread the word. Help me achieve my dream of doing aerial and pole all day long!

aerial hoop pole dancing pole dance pole fitness aerialist aerial arts performer performance circus cirque pole hoop

Is there any point in seeing a doctor for back pain? I have a feeling its the sort of thing where they tell you there’s nothing they can do, but I’ve had pain in my lower left back for over a month now since around the tumblr pole meetup we had and it just feels like it’s getting worse. Like I’m trying to plan my ballet fitness classes for next year and I can’t do some of the moves because I can’t bend forward because of my stupid back pain.

Is it worth getting it checked out or is back pain not really something that can be helped?

back pain back ache pole dancing ballet fitness back injury injury